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What if YOUR horse could be SOUND and HAPPY for life?

What if YOU could make that happen?

With so much conflicting information 'out there' about your horse's health, wellness and hooves, one needs to

learn to discern!

Horses are a never-ending journey of discovery and sharing. Equids are just so darn amazing, eh? (ya, we're Canadian)

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Have you ever wondered about your horse's feet? About how your horse moves? About soundness issues?  EQuinextion has courses for the horse owner AND the professional.

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Introducing EQuinextion

Make the Connection



Does your horse display ANY of these symptoms?

Tripping  -  Stumbling  -  Short choppy gait  -  Uneven stride  -  Trouble getting or holding a canter lead  -  A hard keeper  -  Obese  -  Bucking  -  Rearing  -  Bolting  -  Stifle or hock issues  -  Hoof abscesses  -  Hoof cracks or splits  -  Toe first hoof landings  -  Intermittent 'mystery' lameness  -  NAVICULAR  -  LAMINITIS  -  FOUNDER.

ALL these issues can be related to the health of the horse's hooves. You can learn so much about your horse’s overall health and performance by looking at the outside of the hoof. A great place to start FOR FREE is determining your horse's ...


(Do you know which hooves in the collage are healthy and which are not? - COLLAGE KEY )


Are you a good HOOF-LOOKER?

  • Did your HOOF HEALTH SCORE fall short of ideal?
  • Have you always wanted to know more about your horse's feet?
  • Have you been looking at your horse's feet and wondering if they look 'right'?
  • Are you uncertain about what your hoof care professional is talking about, or how to ask questions that make sense?
  • Do you wonder if your horse's feet need different care?

With the HOOF-LOOKER course you can learn to tell a healthy hoof from an unhealthy hoof.

This introductory course is a prerequisite for our life-changing (for you AND your horse) TRIMMER CLASSROOM course and all the learning that will happen after that!

Do you want to learn how to be a good HOOF-LOOKER?

Yes, I want to know more!


How much do you spend a year on

farrier bills, vet bills, grains and processed feeds, supplements and drugs?

What if you could virtually eliminate all these expenses?


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Why choose EQuinextion?

What is a horse?  Since its inception in 1996, Equinextion has evolved with this one question in mind.

The ensuing answers built the foundation of our philosophy and continue to inspire us to share what we've learned. Understanding the basic premise of what makes a horse a horse forced us to ask tough questions about current traditions of horse care and to see that, just because something has been done a certain way for a thousand years, doesn’t mean it's right. Most of today's horses are being kept in ways that directly contradict their evolutionary requirements. And they often pay for this with their lives.
Our mission is to shine a light on this disconnect between the horse's innate needs and their modern lifestyle, and to educate people about how they can make the connection to create a disease-free, syndrome-free life for their horses.
“Make the Connection: True to the Nature of the Horse” ­-- in 1999, Equinextion’s first website went live. Our vision and online content continues to adhere to the philosophy of horse-keeping that sees horses living as close to being in harmony with their basic physiological and psychological needs as possible. Although impressed and humbled by the wild horse lifestyle, we recognize that to sustain today’s equines, captivity and management are necessary. We know that we need to adapt our management depending on where horses live, what they have to eat, what their jobs are, etc.

But one thing always stays the same: the needs of the natural horse are simple. It's when we ask them to adapt to our own human needs that things become complex.

We designed the EQ System, an environment that stimulates the essential responses of the inherent traits a horse possesses: Constant outdoor access to the seasons and climate, the sun’s rays, and the pull of the moons cycles. Space designed to maximize movement. Footing designed to aide in natural hoof wear and overall foot health. Feeding that mimics slow, continual grazing, providing an array of nutrients along the way. Another horse (or ten!) to honour social needs, providing safety and herd structure.

Ask yourself: What is the innate nature of my horse? Do I honour it every day? What is working for him and what is working against him right now?

Equinextion exists to help you answer these questions, so that you too can design a life for your horse for a better-than-wild, stronger and more resilient horse than conventionally-kept horses. By asking what a horse truly is, and learning and exploring their nature, you will open your eyes to discover the simple truth of keeping horses sound – in mind, body and spirit. Your journey begins here, and we will support you every step of the way.
EQuinextion's Mission Statement Full Length Testimonials

"re: Make The Connection - Triminology 101 - "This is a real treasure of a book, I highly recommend getting this book. Just Wow!” “I am amazed, and that’s not so easy to do. If you have horses and want to see some amazing insights, get this book. An exceptional equine clinic in a book” "

- Dr. Tomas Teskey DVM, USA
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Author of "The Unfettered Foot", "Breaking Tradition" and numerous articles on horses going barefoot

"Lisa’s presentation had me hooked and I signed up for her Trimmer 1 course that spring. I knew absolutely nothing about trimming. And aside from the frog I didn’t even know the parts of the hoof! ... I’ve trimmed all [six of] my own horses ever since. I’ll always be grateful for her guidance all these years ..."

Karen Sundquist, Canada
Manager, Land Use Policy at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

""My interest in trimming lit on fire when I got Lisa's book. I walked around with that book in my purse for five years as I trimmed my horses and looked at the book. The conversation between trimming and the foot's response to that trimming started with her book and continues today as I trim and observe my horses and their feet.""

Heidi Aas, Switzerland

"Having become a horse owner very late in life, there were many things about horse keeping that I was ignorant of. One thing was hoof care. Previously, I just left it to the farrier. That went south pretty soon. Then I met Anne Louise and took her course on hoof trimming. I have the good fortune to learn so much from her on how to observe and really know what makes a horse genuinely happy from the hoof to tip of the ears. "

Louise Meyer, Canada
Ballet Teacher

""My 19 yr old QH gelding ... had been diagnosed with deep thrush, navicular and laminitis in the short 2 yrs we have owned him, and as a new horse owner I felt completely inadequate to care for his needs. His laminitis has been managed with VOOD and adequate exercise ... his hooves and frogs are becoming stronger and healthier ... he now loves to gallop around with his buddies ...""

Amelia McLaren, Canada

""[Equinextion] gave me the confidence that I was going to do a good job with my new horses. I am so fortunate to have Lisa with me right at the start of my horse adventure, to guide me in the healthier and more natural way of horse care. Thank you for everything!""

Megan Crane, Canada

" [Boomer] wasn’t even sound in shoes anymore. Ornery towards anyone that wanted to touch his feet. ...my cousin she said you NEED to get Lisa there. I think it took us an hour to trim his first hoof. Lisa suggested we walk him around and she would tell me about Equinextion and he could think about his one trimmed hoof. Everything she said to me made so much sense. The next 3 hooves were an incredible change. He stood mostly still!!! I was like who is this lady!?! He obviously liked her so I LOVED her. His crack eventually grew out and he became sound. Riding would commence! I learned Lisa’s ways now trim him myself. He is sound and happy on all terrain! We are going on 7ish Year’s since we met Lisa and learned about Equinextion. Life saving and life changing!"

Chelsey Winquist, Canada
Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technician

"I just wanted to write to say thank you on behalf of my horse, and others that my new knowledge will help. Earlier this year a friend gave me your book of photos which changed the way I view hooves. I had been struggling to improve the hooves of one of my horses....she was still landing toe first with extremely flat soles. After reading (and rereading!) your book... and trimming her first hoof very carefully, she placed it down and then stretched as tall and as round as she could. It was a powerful message as I had never seen her do that before. Six months later, she is now landing heel first and has concavity in her soles. They are not perfect but continuing to improve and she is comfortable and able to be ridden. I had never understood or recognized the role of bars, despite studying hooves in various settings. Thank you! "

Dr. T Meares DVM

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