Equinextion Trimmers

...come in all makes and models.  They are hoof care practitioners who are continually learning to hone the art of trimming by discerning what needs to go as well as what needs to grow.  They are here to help your horse maintain or achieve a balanced foot. EQ Trimmers can also offer information and food for thought on diet and lifestyle enhancements to facilitate true healing and transformation of your horse.  All registered Equinextion Trimmers, no matter their current level, have the support of the Equinextion Core Team and participate in ongoing education.



Equinextion Member catagories and levels


Equinextion Core Team (EqCT)

The Core Team members have been with Equinextion since it's online inception in 1999 and continue to help educate owners and trimmers around the world.  All for the betterment of people for their horses!


Equinextion Team Trimmers (EqTT)

Current Equinextion-team Trimmers (formerly EqMT) are thoroughly qualified with a minimum of 6 years field and client experience. They are more than just trimmers. They are educators and advocates of the horse.  Some are willing to host Equinextion informational or cadaver clinics and may do some private training or Mentor you after you attend live course.  


Equinextion Associate Trimmers (EqAT)    Levels 1 - 4

EqAT - Level 1- Qualified to do basic maintenance trims on feet with no major pathologies.  Showcases trimmers in their first 2 years of trimming for others.  

Star system to Level 1 *** is to show how advanced in Level 1 these students are presently.  Some train consistently throughout the year so they're advancing as they go. 

Level 1*** is for those who have been practicing less than 2 years,  but very competent in trimming and able to balance the foot, offer food for thought in diet and lifestyle.  

EqAT - Level 2 - Minimum of 2 years trimming experience or had a minimum of 6 months internship. Presented case study over 12 months.  Qualified to offer hoof care advice, discuss and suggest booting options, and trimming some clients' horses presenting no major pathologies.

 EqAT - Level 3 - Minimum of 3 years consistent trimming.  May offer individual client teaching on 'Toe-Back-Tuesday training'.  Capable of working with some pathological cases.

 EqAT - Level 4 - Qualified to assist with pathologies and more serious cases of neglect and abuse. May offer rehabilitation programs at their facilities and be able to assist owners in learning how to trim their own non pathological horses. 


Alumni EQ Trimmers (Alumni Eq)

... are grandfathered in from 1999-2017.  These alumni have either been trained with Equinextion live or online through the international forums.   They may be using a variety of trim interpretations which may not always represent or coincide with current Equinextion philosophies.  They may be actively trimming for clients or some may be already retired from trimming for others.   


NOTE: If a trimmer is not listed on this page, we can not guarantee their abilities or authenticity.

Trimmers in the USA

Jeffery Eddy, EqTT, Middlesex, NY

Katie Havron, EqAT Level 1 **,  NY

Casey Markowski, EqAT Level 3, Rochester, NY 

Sarah Palmero, EqAT Level 2, Rochester, NY

Betsy Voorhies, EqAT Level 2 , Tallahassee FL


Alumni Trimmers USA

Elizabeth TeSelle, Alumni EQ, Middle Tennessee

Cynthia Eddy, Alumni EQ, Middlesex, NY

Jennifer McAllister, Alumni EQ, Upstate, NY  

Melissa O'Bryan (Klemens), Alumni EQ,   Upstate NY


International Trimmers

Susanne Ziegler,  EqAT Level 2,  Switzerland 

Jolien de Rechter, EqAT Level 1***, Belgium

Christine Blackett, Alumni EQ, South Africa 


IF you are a trimmer and have been associated with the early EQ Forums (before Facebook time) and wish to be listed here. Contact Us



NOTE:  If you have any comments, raves or reviews about your trimmer, we'd like hearing from you!

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